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Clogged Drains

The cause of clogged drains can be as simple as a foreign object which accidentally entered the sewer line. While foreign object obstructions are most common in homes with young children or high volume public restrooms, what is commonly referred to as a clog could actually be a number of issues which create the same symptoms.

What Causes Clogs


Foreign Objects

Residential sewer lines are typically 3″ and 4″ in diameter – making many items a potential foreign object if they were to accidentally enter your sewer line. Many foreign object obstructions can be cleared with basic rooter services.

Roots In The Sewer Line


The trees around your property are very efficient at doing what they naturally do best – seeking out and taping into moisture.  Roots grow into your sewer line through the joints in between pipes seeking the plentiful moisture.  As time goes on these roots grow, weakening the structure of the sewer pipe and eventually leading to a catastrophic failure.

Sewer Line Bellies


Leaks in sewer lines can develop due to misaligned joints or structural weakening due to tree roots, eventually leading to the erosion of the soil around the pipe. This erosion eventually leads to catastrophic failure of the line and resulting in symptoms that are similar to a clog.

Clogged Drain Repair Process & Options

Step 1: Get Your Sewer Flowing & Diagnose The Cause

Directional Drilling

Get the same advantages and cost savings of trenchless technology for completely new lines.

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 Video Inspections

After the line has been cleared so that it is visible, the next critical step is to visually inspect the length of the sewer line with a video camera inspection. With a visual inspection, technicians can then accurately diagnose the situation and come up with options that fit the issue.

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Step 2: Get Multiple Options To Permanently Solve The Issue



Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Hydrojetting is a more permanent solution than rooter service. Instead of punching a hole through a blockage to get waste water flowing, hydrojet cleaning uses high pressure water jets to scour the inside of the line to remove grease buildup and even tree roots for a longer lasting effect.

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Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is a process of creating a new seamless plastic pipe within the old pipe. The process can be applied to completely replace the line or for spot repairs of problem sections – all without the expense and damage of conventional trenching methods. Because the new pipe is seamless high grade epoxy, weak joints are eliminated leading to a permanent solution.

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Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting – like pipe lining – is another method used to produce a permanent solution for sewer backups. A pipe bursting head is hydraulically pulled underground to simultaneously break apart the old pipe (even cast iron) while pulling into place a new seamless HDPE pipe. Pipe bursting sewer replacements come with a lifetime warranty.

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